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another modern au anders idek 
i feel like he’d be a vegetarian hipster who feeds stray cats and spends his time off rooting around in his urban garden 

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Did you two plan this or…

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Ok so I have a feeling some sort of tragedy/ suicide mission thing's gonna happen in DA:I so how about romanced Cullen and the inquisitor in their final moments together. Extra points if you break my heart >:D


Well…you asked for it.  No crying to me if you can’t handle the ugly creys lmao!  But seriously, why would you make me do this!?  D:


“Can you see it?”

“I see it … ,” he confirmed softly.

“Good, you deserve to see it,” Freya returned, looking up at the sky. The back of Cullen’s head rested against her chest, and she held tightly to the advisor—who’d become so much more over time. The love of my life.

No one else was around, at least, not in close proximity. The scent of burning wood still hung heavy in the air from the previous battle, and both of their faces were marred with ash and dried blood under the morning sky with a bright sun on the horizon.

But as a new day dawned, Cullen’s life was at its dusk.

The thought sent a fresh wave of tears trailing down Freya’s cheeks, though she strove for confidence when she added, “If it weren’t for your help, I couldn’t have done this.”

The sky was blue again. Not green, not yellow, not any other color but a bright, open blue, and Freya needed to tell him that it was just as much his success as anyone’s—not just because he was dying and it was her last chance, but because she knew how much stock he’d put into the Inquisition, into saving the world.

And there they were. The world was saved, the Inquisition successful. But how could I ever celebrate it like this?

I couldn’t have come this far … without you,” Cullen rasped so softly she had to strain to hear him.

She’d found him on the field beneath another soldier, bloody and broken. But even in that condition, when he saw her kneeling over him, he’d smiled. It was a look that broke her heart into a million pieces.

Swiping her hands over her cheeks, Freya turned a bit so she could make eye contact, whispering, “Please, don’t go. Not now. Just … don’t leave me here.”

As much as she fought, she couldn’t keep the emotion out of her voice, or more tears from streaming down her face, leaving blackened streaks of ash in their wake. But whatever sliver of control over herself she’d managed to keep, Cullen completely obliterated when he placed a hand on her cheek.

Suddenly, she leaned down and kissed him, felt him returning it, albeit weakly, and had to break the contact when she rasped in a breath.

I love you,” she whispered, her forehead against his.

Love you, too,” came his soft response. “And I’ll never leave you.”

Liar,” she joked, and saw the faint hint of a smile on his lips before her eyes closed.

No, I promise, my love. I won’t.”

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And if you pay attention, you can pinpoint the exact moment my heart splinters into a million pieces.


Ok, a little serious fandom talk for a bit.

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what if varric stops calling the companions nicknames

what if it reminds him too much of hawke’s group




When your party has a bard and there’s an enemy bard


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