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Anonymous asked:
If you want more bisexual representation, what media are you creating with more representation. Are you writing a novel, movie, video game, whatever? Or are you just complaining that other people aren't giving you what you want.



First of all, this question is awful. It’s classist and rude. Not everyone can afford to have their queer work distributed, because in the entertainment industry you often have to have an in, and to have an in you have to have money. 

Secondly, I am a college student. I’m studying creative writing, so yes, I do create queer characters and include them in my work. I certainly can’t afford to self-publish, and there is not much of a market for bisexual media, due to biphobia. I hope that one day I can have work published and widely read, or maybe even work as a script writer. But right now I’m a student. Guess what? I still deserve to have representation.

And it’s not a simple matter of “getting what we want,” for oppressed groups it’s a very serious issue, because we have poor mental health, and it doesn’t help to have poor representation. So you can fuck off with your tone, thanks.


oh yes i’ll just go commission bisexual characters on a bunch of tv shows i am the head of, and publish a million books with queers in them via the numerous publishing houses i own, and i’ll just create movies with all the funding and contacts i have in the industry. better yet, i’ll do it allbmy magic because i’m a fucking wizard


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a zev from my sketchbook

Greetings from Antiva.
The sky of late has been very blue, but not as blue as I am without you, my dear Warden. Do you see how poetic I am in the wake of my prior epistle, which was more bawdy than lovesick and heartsore? And here you may have been thinking to yourself, “Poor Zevran; he has lost his touch.” Not so—for though you have not felt it, I have been practicing said touch for when we are together again.
On myself. 
Ah, that was very subtle, yes? Perhaps you flush to think of it, or of the sun upon my skin, but I assure you—here, where the days are bright, it is the shadows that impart a certain privacy, a certain warmth. I recall the darkness of this city, how dull the colors once were, how resigned I was never to care for the gray curl of smoke above a tannery or the flash of a red bird’s wing in sudden, furious flight. 
Now, when I see that smoke, I think of the frost upon your furs, while the red bird’s wing is the color of my sudden, furious heart, filled with blood and the thought of you. And the shadows—ah, the shadows. I am fond of them, recalling the shadows you cast upon me in the earliest of mornings, before we faced, together, the freshly fallen snow.


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… in HD

If we add the word “leaked” to this will it make it more exciting? If “leaked” means “uploaded by the animation studio” then this is even more “leaked” than when “leaked” meant “shown to 1000’s of people at Comic-Con”. 


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charvanha asked:
I apologize if you've explained this before but what does MOGII stand for? I've never heard of that acronym for the non cishet community. I'm only familiar with LGBTQIAP+ and GSRM


There’s a little backstory here. Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee.

LGBT(QIAP)+, as you probably realize, is long, unwieldy, and often leaves marginalized peoples out. It also tends to fetishize the L, prioritize the G, criticize the B and forget the T+.

An alternative, GS(R)M was proposed. Proposed in 1966, it stood for Gender, Sexuality (and Romantic) Minorities, and it seemed like a great fit! Until people learned that it was coined by a pedophile, who also wanted to include cishet kinksters, pedophiles, and even rapists in the acronym, as well as other criticisms of the acronym itself. So that was obviously out of the question.

Then MOGII came along, but that one had some evolution. The original term was MOGA, for “Marginalized Orientation and Gender Alignments”. That was cool, but then people began to use MOGAI to include intersex folks who are often left out of important discussions (MOGA… and Intersex). Then it was pointed out that the “A” was somewhat unnecessary and allowed shitty allies a way to weasel themselves in. So, MOGII was born. MOGII stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identity, and Intersex. It’s an excellent catch-all, uses no reclaimed slurs, and makes it entirely about the minorities.



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